inserts for all OEM fixtures

 Standard & Smart Bi Level Control.

 48,56,84 &112 Watt.  Replacing the glass!

led kits for  all oem fixtures

Hinging & locking identical to OEM fixture access doors, replacing glass!

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Smart bi level fixtures

 Dimming & Occupancy sensor Control

 From 28 watt through 224watt

Modern Fixtures


 From 28 Watt through 224 Watt

We have an in-depth understanding of your lighting needs, going beyond the traditional scope evaluating your specific application, and recommend the best solution.


When you're looking to upgrade to LED lighting don't settle, make sure you look at all options.

  • NEW Modern LED fixtures
  • Revolutionary LED Retrofit kits
  • Flood Lights / Wall Pack / Step Lights
  • Solar lighting
  • UL & DLC Listed
  • Full Property lighting assessments
  • Full installation services

We're more than just a lighting supplier, it is important to us that  we a partner with you  in making a final LED lighting upgrade  decision.

We offer no obligation installations allowing full evaluation, before you decide.

You will understand why so many have chosen COOL-LITE.
Our dedication is unparalleled.

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