Poly crystalline solar panel: 5W
Lithium Battery: 2000mA 7.4V;
LED: 64 LED, 5W 
Charge time: 4h 
60 seconds each time 
100 times per solar charge

Outdoor Solar lighting

Solar Charge during day,
Automatically on at night
​Built in motion sensor

Default dim mode 2W - 4W bright
​mode for 1 min after motion

Solar LED


30W Bright Mode/ 15W Dim Mode

Along with being an excellent source of illumination for your home and garden, SOLAR SECURITY LIGHTS insures the security of your property  by serving as an effective deterrent to any potential intruders.

Amorphous solar panel: 2W
Lithium Battery: 2000mA 3.7V;
LED: 36 LED, 2W 
Charge time: 4.5h 
60 seconds each time 
100 times per solar charge

60W Solar panel: poly crystalline: 
Battery: 30AH/ 12.8V, 2000 cycles

15W Bright Mode:

8 hours lighting per solar charge

7W 9V Solar Panel, 13.5" x 8.5"
​4W. 56LED

3000MaH/7.4V Lithium battery

7.5 Dim mode:
33.5" x 14" 30W Solar panel
Battery: 15AH 12.8V LiFePO4, 2000 cycles
Charge time: 6 h @ peak sun

COOL-LITE Solar LED Light 2w/5w /Bi Level 15 and 30w